Did we get you with the Mean Girls quote?

Perfect, then you're definitely our people. Welcome, sister! Before we keep quoting our favorite movies, we want to share a little secret with you.

We're not experts. We're not gurus.

In fact, we often don't know shit about shit. But what we DO know is that the more we're real with each other as women and the more permission we grant each other, the happier we will all ultimately be.

So that's why we're doin' this thang. Because we believe in happy thoughts and having the space and people to share them with. We also believe that the not-so-happy-thoughts deserve space to be seen, heard and felt just as much. And lucky for you, we've decided to do that live. 

Because here's the deal, sister. WE NEEDED TO. 

Both of us have spent way too much time caught in a black hole of perfectionism, the shame spiral of comparisonitis, and the hamster wheel that is being a high-achieving type-A woman. And we were over it (especially after Lacey got divorced + needed an outlet to share it). 

Thus, the Happy Thoughts™ Show was born as a personal development tool for us (we're just gonna be real...this was a selfish endeavor!) but luckily it's helped lots of our Happy Sisters, too. 

What we realized is that we are all craving community, permission and authentic conversations where we can be seen, heard and understood for EXACTLY who we are. Good, bad, happy and not so happy. 

So join us, sister. For lots of laughs, lots of champagne (OMG HOW IS THIS THE FIRST TIME WE'RE MENTIONING CHAMPAGNE?!), lots of truths and a sprinkle of #meangirl quotes. But you CAN sit with us. Always. 

Oh and did we mention we're a really good time?! We like to say we put the FUN in personal development, except those letters aren't even in there (but they should be). Look at us releasing perfectionism! Can we get a virtual high-five?!

So join us LIVE every Monday at 2:00 PM EST over on our Facebook page

In the meantime, catch some of our previous shit shows (haha see what we did there?!) here.

And most importantly, don't forget to grab our 7 step guide to finding your ride-or-die biz bestie so you can feel the love and support that we know you deserve on this crazy roller-coaster that is life, womanhood and entrepreneurship.