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Ok, fine. We’re kind of kidding, but seriously lady... you’ve got magic coursing through your veins and it’s time you KNEW it and ACTED like it.

Give us 10 minutes for 3 days (seriously, just 10 minutes) and we’ll show you just how magical you really are and how to use that magic to manifest your dreams - in life AND business.

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In this challenge, you'll not only unlock your unicorn magic (and know how to use it) but you'll also discover...


  • The proof of your manifesting powers that is hiding in plain sight (but won’t be after day 1) and how to tap into it now

  • How to never lose sight of your magic ever again using our favorite visual tool so that you’re using that magic like the boss (or ya know, unicorn) you are

  • Your real desires that are buried behind all the BS and begging to get out and actually get brought to life ASAP

  • The shockingly simple process to unleash your magic and get everything you really want (cause it’s about time, right?)


Pop your name + email address below (and get your your magic wand) and join us!


We're Sara Wiles (Online Business Mentor) + 
Lacey Sites (Business Mentor and Success Coach)

Co-founders of The Happy Thoughts Show

Here’s the deal… We’re not pretending to be gurus or experts. We’re just 2 best friends and fierce boss ladies who have figured out how to get the shit we want in life and business and be truly happy in the midst of all our CRAZY (‘cause let’s get real… nothing is perfect ya’ll).

And now, we’ve created this little challenge that will help you do it too. I mean, you know we can’t not share this magic with all of you.

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Join us pretty please?