podcast club.png

How would you like to be in a room with the two of us and some of our closest HTS friends?

And it’s free.

And there’s bubbly (obviously).

Guess what?! You can! Virtually anyway.

Every now and then we get together for the Happy Thoughts™ Podcast Club.

It’s super intimate and a way of committing to your self-development without being completely overwhelmed in the process.

Because book club? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Girls night out? Yeah, not happening.

Taking a class or learning a new skill? Highly unlikely.

But YOU...well, you deserve some time.

The podcast club helps us go deep on ONE podcast episode from someone we love and create real connection (and hopefully some breakthroughs too) as we go … because we SO believe that growing and getting happy doesn't have to take 12 of the 24 hours in your day.

It’s an hour, tops. It’s just us gals hanging on in a cozy online room -- yoga pants and champagne encouraged. And it’s one of the little ways you can treat yo’self.

Drop your name + email below join the Happy Thoughts™ Podcast Club and we'll let you know when + where we’re meeting next.