Soul-touching sisterhood, massive amounts of fun, and mind-blowing transformation that will get you REAL results REAL fast, all wrapped up into the best 4 days of your life.

Getting what you want and showing up as the best
and happiest version of yourself is incredibly simple.

But it’s soooooo not easy. Especially when you don’t even know what the best and happiest version of you even looks like.

Ever feel like you’re right on the brink of unleashing the magic inside of you, only to fall off your unicorn and land right back where you started? You think you know what you want, you’re showing up, and you’re so close to calling it in you can feel it in your bones. But for some reason it’s just not happening the way you imagined.

NEWSFLASH: before you can call in your desires and start finally having everything you want, you have to get happy FIRST.


Because here’s the real raw truth, sweet sister. If you’re not happy now, you’re not gonna be happy when you…

  • Lose the weight
  • Make more money
  • Leave your job
  • Get married
  • Find your bestie
  • Build your business
  • Find success
When you get happy FIRST, these things will come to you quicker than you can say another-bottle-of-veuve-please.

THIS is the key to getting your deepest desires and wildest dreams fulfilled.

It starts with moving out of your comfort zone and into a new space where you can be your FULLEST, TRUEST, HIGHEST, BEST self, surrounded by people who are constantly reinforcing that to you and replacing your old happiness-killing habits with new, soul-nourishing ones that allow you to grow at rapid rates. And, sister friend, we’ve created a space like that just for you.

Get ready for so much more than a champagne poppin’, sleepover with your BFFs
(complete with all the Mega Stuffed Oreos, Drake, and bubbly you can handle.)
Don’t worry, there will be plenty of that, but what this retreat is really about, is spending 4 days diving REAAAALLL deep (and getting you REAAAALLL fast results).
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There’s nothing quite like in-person connection with real sisters who are on the same journey and want the same things as you.

Let’s be real: you’ve probably already done some (inconsistent) mindset work but doing it on your own is hard, and you’re stuck in the same routine, with the same people, and the same habits and it’s leaving you with less than stellar results.

It’s time to change it up, move into a new environment, and replace those habits with sparkly new ones so that you can reveal the truest, highest, best version of you and finally have a life that reflects it.



4 days to get up close and personal with strangers-turned-sisters, push yourself outside your comfort zone, and learn how to get everything you want to become the fullest, best, most exceptional version of yourself.

You can forget about business strategies and workshops. This is not that kind of retreat. We’ll be going 0 to 100 real quick and asking you to show up all day errrday as your full, beautiful, completely ENOUGH self.

We’re going to push you to your edge and hold you accountable for taking massive action and finding your true happiness, right meow.

The retreat is the container. We’ll fill it together with exactly the experience that YOU need.

And did we mention it’s going to be filled to the brim with a metric f*ck ton of fun AND results?


Here’s How It’s Going Down:

  • You’ll get an insider’s look into how we show up. We’ll share our tools, truths, and not so sexy secrets. And we expect you to do the same.
  • We’re going to workout (if you wanna), eat yummy, healthy food (with heaping sides of cheesecake + champagne), listen to rap music (oh heeey, Drake + T-Pain), and show you exactly what it feels like to be seen, sistered, and supported, in the deepest way.
  • Are you a planner like us? We get you, girl. But we need you to know this: our job is to customize this weekend to your needs. You can expect workshops, workouts, beach + pool time, couch time, PJ parties, and so much more.

PSA: We’re expecting you to come ready to grow at rapid rates.

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All The Deets:

  • Luxury accommodation in sunny Florida (Tampa area or Orlando area)
  • Single and double room options
  • Everything you could possibly desire during our 4 day retreat:
    • Food and drinks (adaptable to intolerances/allergies)
    • Daily morning workouts options
    • Daily meditations
    • Daily journaling
    • Transformational workshops where you’ll both cry + laugh harder than you ever have before
    • Custom-curated activities
    • Next-level experiences
    • All complete with champagne, chocolate and rap music

Basically, everything is included except travel to/from the retreat. You just get yourself here, and it’s our job to make sure you’re taken care of!

Our past retreats have sold out almost IMMEDIATELY
so don’t miss this chance to snag your spot!

Itinerary, please?

Here’s the deal: we’re not sharing the specific itinerary yet for two really good reasons reasons:

  1. The retreat will be tailored 1000% to the sisters who are coming. Because real results come from being met exactly where you’re at. Once we know who’s coming, we’ll create an experience that is truly customized for YOU.
  2. Part of the fun is coming in surrendered and ready to grow no matter what. If you want to see REAL results, you have to commit to showing up and TRUSTING that you’ll experience the transformation you need, even if you don’t have all the down-n-dirty details yet.

We know. The Type A gal in you just had a mini freakout. But if you trust us, we’ll make sure you get EXACTLY what you need and nothing you don’t.

But seriously, you’ll receive a confirmation packet complete with errythang you could ever need to know about the retreat including what to pack, what to wear, what we’re doing when and who you’ll be retreating with.

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“My old self died and I'm in a new life”
^^^ Actual words from a retreater-turned-sister we hosted at a past Happy Thoughts Retreat.
Here are some of the seriously effing magical transformations our Happy Sisters have experienced:
Belinda Smith

“Community is everything, and it is so easy to forget you are not alone in the journey. My confidence was elevated by being with other women who go through the same struggles I do. Take the break and invest in yourself. It is a great opportunity to reset your perspective.”


Sarah Baker

“Your retreats are magical. Before coming to the retreat I often struggled with self-belief and perfectionism. Fast forward to now… I manifested every single thing I wrote down at the retreat by the exact date I said I would. MAGIC!!!”


We’re asking you to show up for yourself, as your WHOLE self,
and be supported and sistered in a whole new way.
We promise you won’t regret it.

The Happy Thoughts Retreat is about creating DEEP, LASTING change to your brain, soul, and life. If you show up knowing you’re going to walk away from this weekend with life-changing results, the Universe (and us) will move heaven and earth to make it so!


Listen, we’re not here to convince you…

The women who show up will leave completely transformed. They’ll be supported and sistered and able to disconnect from all the noise to finally step into their full true selves. They’ll walk away KNOWING that everything they want is already theirs.

So if you’re not sure if this is for you, we desperately want to you answer the question below.


Seriously! Go get our a blank piece of paper and a pen and answer this. And if she says “go to the Happy Thoughts Retreat”, please listen to her sister.

We can’t wait to love on you, drink champagne with you and see you transform into your highest and happiest self.


“My business is growing and I've signed on one new client this week! Plus, I'm just HAPPIER knowing and honoring my own boundaries. Above everything else what I loved most was the SISTERHOOD! The other women made the retreat for me. Yes, figuring out my own shit was important too, but creating the connection with the other women was the best part.”



“The Happy Thoughts Retreat gave me the permission to show up as ME and be supportive of others doing the same. Since attending, my entire energy has shifted and I’ve been on fire since. I came home from the retreat with 3 more sales and had my biggest month in biz! It was such an amazing experience and pushed me in ways I never thought possible.”




Not once you have all your sh*t together.
Not when you’re in a “better” place.
Not once life slows down and you have the time.