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Find Your Ride-or-Die Biz Bestie

7 steps to doper connections and deeper friendships


One of the big things we're about is woman friends (we think it makes the world go round!), but we hear from y'all all the time that cultivating these friendships is easier said than done. And here's the truth...WE GET IT. Because all the friendships in our lives have evolved over time. But what we know for sure is it ain't gonna happen if you ain't tryin'. But when you have a friend that loves you as much as we love bubbly it becomes so worth it.


So, to help you in your quest for doper connections and deeper friendships that ultimately make your life and business 100x better (#realstat) we've put together our top 7 steps to make finding your ride or die biz bestie happen right meow. 


True to form, we broke this up into super simple videos + easy to digest worksheets (we're talkin' 1 pagers) because ain't nobody got time for long and borrrrriiinnnnggggg. Each video can be watched + worksheet completed in under 10 minutes. BOOM! 


Here's watcha gonna get: 

  • Real talk around how to cultivate a business bestie. And we're not talking about "oh my gawd we both love Fixer Upper" (not that we don't love us some good ship lap). We're talking about finding real connections at the core - woman to woman - about your dreams, vision, and yes, your vulnerabilities.

  • We're teaching you how to create a safe space for yourself AND be a safe space for someone else. Cuz friendship only works if it's a two-way street.

  • Specific steps that have helped US deepen our friendship that will help you maintain your business bestie as your life and business evolve.

  • Easy action items (that we actually expect you to do) to help you find her

  • Our special little brand of love, laughs, and four-letter-words to keep you high-vibe along the way

  • Doper AND deeper connections that will expand your life and business in big ass ways

  • A community to support you around your bestie quest (heck, you might even find her right in there)


Are you ready to stop doing this thang alone and start moving further faster with the right support along the ride? 




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