Catch up on our past episodes below. 



Episode 98: Pulling back the curtain on personal finances (and what that has to do with happiness)

We recently spent a lot of time talking about personal finances, our own philosophies around it, how our significant others think about money and so much more. This is such an important topic, and has a LOT to do with happiness so, we dedicated this episode to sharing our money philosophies and how they impact our business.


Episode 97: An Update on our Words of the Year (+ how to pick one, recommit and finish 2019 strong)

We take our words of the year more seriously than we take Drake and champagne...that means A LOT. Since they’ve meant so much to us, we thought we should share all that our words have brought us (that means all the success and lessons)! We also talked about picking a word or recommitting to your word of the year in order to finish 2019 in the best possible way.

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Episode 96: Cultivating Real Resilience (+ how to use it to move forward, faster!)

Resilience is a word that gives you that excited AND pit in your stomach feeling at the same time, right? We know we need it and we see the value in it, but secretly most of us don’t actually want to be in a situation where we have to EXERCISE that resilience. The truth is, practicing that resiliency can help you move forward, faster.


Episode 95: The difference between “doing the work” and “doing what feels good” (+ how to bridge the gap for more results)

One of the things we’ve both had to work through consistently is the difference between “doing the work” and “doing what feels good.” In our opinion, it's one of the MOST misunderstood things in the online space - we definitely misunderstood in a long time. It's either all the hustling and push or it's only what feels good all the time. Personally, we call bullshit on all of it. 


Episode 94: What it really means to “decide” and why it’s the first (and only) step to getting everything you want!

Even though you’ve heard of the power of "decision" it can still be difficult to actually get the things you've decided on. It’s not because the decisions were actually all that difficult, though. It’s because we were often missing what it REALLY meant to decide and how to fully live into it. But for both of us, once we nailed what it REALLY meant to decide it was WILD how much the results came pouring in.


Episode 93: Why You’re Not Having More Fun

You're totally living your best life! ...right? We noticed that it can sometimes be difficult to have REAL fun in your life AND in your biz. It’s shoved down our throats that we should be happy and having fun in ALL. AREAS. ALL. THE. TIME, but no one really talks about how to have all the fun.


Episode 92: “Blocks” Are Bullshit

How many times have you told yourself that you have a block around something? Chances are, you've thought it at least a few times. The truth is...those blocks are bullshit. Luckily, we went over how to identify what’s keeping you stuck without turning it into a “block," and furthermore, how to shift your mentality to get more of what you want without "block mentality."


Episode 91: The truth about all the stuff you know you SHOULD be doing but AREN’T actually doing

We all have long lists of things to do but how many of us are really checking things off that list? Some of us are probably wondering WHY we're not doing the things we know we “should” be doing.It could be so many things. Maybe you feel like you just need to plan better, a new calendar, or more sleep. Nothing feels worse than that constant list of “shoulds” in life and business that you’re just not getting to, right?


Episode 90: How to be more chill + happy in business (even when you feel like a crazy person)

Women we know who are building, growing and scaling their business often feel like their lost on the highway with a dead phone and no GPS. And while we certainly have our moments too (hello, LIFE!), as recovering control freaks & perfectionists we’ve really been able to find chill in business over the past couple of years in a really deep way. More chill means less stressing, worrying, or obsessing every day.


Episode 89: Stop Settling- how we stopped being OK with less and started getting more

We’re talking about settling. It’s not great, it doesn’t light you up, but it’s comfortable (even if it’s painful, maybe you’ve even gotten comfortable with the pain).  We have both been there in so many ways. Feeling those feelings of “this should be enough” and we’ve done SO. MUCH. WORK. to shift that and to stop settling for less than we want (notice how we didn’t say DESERVE there?!). 


Episode 88: How to make boundaries work for you and your happiness

Boundaries, y'all. They can make or break it all! When boundaries are done well, they are little happiness-providing miracles. But when done not so great, boundaries can become a mental energy suck. But, if you're looking to bring more balance and joy into your life, boundaries aren't a nice-to-have, they're a non-negotiable.


Episode 87: How to stop fighting against your own brain

We can talk about all the happy thoughts you should think, the mindset work you should be doing, how much you’re enough, and how important it is to move forward. Even when you're doing all the stuff, it can feel out of place if you're basically fighting with yourself every day. It's one little thing that turns into a giant spiral and suddenly you haven't talked to yourself in a week.


Episode 86: Expect nothing. Get everything.

Manifesting all the things and finding the balance between so many things can be so dang confusing sometimes. We’ve found is that the more you can find that balance and the more deeply you can detach...The more you get exactly what you want. The secret to getting everything you want is to expect nothing.


Episode 85: How to stop being a B to yo’self

You know that super b*tchy girl that was always saying the rudest things? We all have someone that comes to mind immediately but, did you picture yourself? More often than not, we are own worst critic and biggest hater. Honestly, that negativity is crippling, and we've had enough of it.


Episode 84: Complaining (how to stop, how it evolves as YOU evolve, and what to do right now to feel happier

We get it, we all need to complain sometimes. It's not the most sexy or the most fun. But it is REALLY important and it’s something we ALL deal with daily. We've noticed that we've experienced so many different variations of complaining and even recently did a “no complaining” challenge with each other that was SUPER interesting.


Episode 83: Why our “Reunion Retreaters” had the most EPIC wins in the last 6 months (seriously, these will blow your dang mind)

We had the greatest weekend with our "Reunion Retreaters." Why? Well one, because these women are amazing but also because these women were totally different people than they were 6 months ago and had insanely amazing results to share with everyone. And sitting in that room, looking at these women, and their results? Well, it profoundly changed us.


Episode 82: What you REALLY need to be happier

Ever feel like getting happier is that elusive thing you can’t seem to nail down? Maybe you keep hearing the way to get what you want is to get happy NOW, but still don’t actually know HOW to do that without getting the things you want. Well, that’s why we’re here. As two of the happiest people we know, we want to take away the mystery around what you REALLY need to be happier and get more of what you want, like right MEOW. But we gotta be honest… it ain’t gonna be rainbows and butterflies. It’s gonna take some discomfort, some effort, and a whole lot of willingness.


Episode 81: Making the decision to THRIVE and Not Just SURVIVE

There's light at the end of the tunnel. You can go through a bunch of sh*t, and you can still come out on the other side, and find your way back to the joy you deserve. It might be hard, and messy, but sometimes you gotta walk through the fire to become the happiest person in the room and, well, it's SO worth it.


Episode 80: When to Process + When to Move Forward

Journeys have brought us to a place where we're the two happiest people we know. Despite being this happy, we're still running into unhappy things. BUT we remain happy by being able to differentiate between when it’s time to really dig in and PROCESS what’s going on and when it’s just time to let it go and move forward.


Episode 79: We've been hiding something from you (and we're kind of embarrassed).

Shit is about to get real. We’ve been hiding something from you. Maybe you’ve felt it. Maybe you haven’t been watching as much as you used to. Maybe you’ve still been watching just as much but it’s felt like something has shifted. And the truth is… it has. But here’s the problem… we haven’t been as opening in sharing it as we normally are.But since we’re about keeping it real, we’re coming clean. Because we deserve it and you deserve it.


Episode 78: How to journal (and get what you want) like a boss

One of the #1 ways we manifest is journaling. Because it's such a big part of how we are able to manifest all the things, we wanted to share with y'all how we journal. We shared why journaling is SUCH a powerful tool for us, how we use it, the different ways we’ve journaled over time AND how we incorporate it into our overall mindset practice.


Episode 77: It’s literally ALL. ABOUT. YOUR. MINDSET (lessons from life, business, and the Tory Burch Event)

Mindset is something that's so important to both of us, as people and mentors. The importance of mindset was confirmed for us through our own experiences, our client experiences, and, most recently, our experience at the Tory Burch Foundation Event we were invited to. At this event, so many women who are killing the game talked about their own mindset and we left feeling truly inspired.


Episode 76: How we manifest exactly what we want (and the real, messy process behind it)

Manifesting is fun as f*ck, but we know it can also be messy. We love sharing how we manifest and all the fun that comes with it, and we wanted to have an open convo about all of the messy pieces that are part of it too.


Episode 75: How to be Happier (and get more of what you want) NOW

Once you hit that goal, all of your happiness and life will just slide into place, right?We hate to break it to you but, probably not. We’ve both spent too much time chasing happiness only to get to the other side of the proverbial rainbow, not to find a pot of golden happiness, but just another goal to strive for, and it is so dang tiring.


Episode 74: Real Talk on Having it All

Despite creating results, time for your family and self-care, do you still feel like it's just not good enough?We TOTALLY get it. The truth is, it won't be good enough until you create your own version of having it all. And guess what..that version WILL come with tradeoffs galore.Identifying, accepting, and embracing those tradeoffs? That’s the real work, sister.


Episode 73: The Truth About Happy Thoughts™

Ever wonder what it's *really* like to run a business with your bff? Think that it's all rainbows and butterflies? We're getting vulnerable in this PRIVATE episode of the Happy Thoughts™ Show.


Episode 72: The Secret to Having More Fun in Life + Biz

You know, that feeling when you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face ready to embrace the day because you know whatever happens, it’s gonna be f*ing awesome. We want that feeling everyday but we know that it can sometimes be hard to run a successful business AND fill the day with crazy fun activity.


Episode 71: Galentine's Day, Giveaways, and Getting REAL real

It's GALENTINE’S DAY YA’LL!! Today is all about women celebrating other women, female friendships, and empowerment. It's what we’re about ALL DAY ERYYYDAY but today, the rest of the world joins us!


Episode 70: Relationships, Results, and Real Talk with Marriage Life Coach Maggie Reyes

When Maggie attended the first Happy Thoughts™ Retreat she walked away with serious results and was able to help many of the other retreaters in their marriages and relationships. This is something that we're so proud of; sinking into being supported WHILE supporting. And frankly? That’s what we want you to cultivate more of in EVERY area of your life.


Episode 69: Permission to do it your way... but you gotta DO IT sister (we'll show you how)

You may know how you want to do things, but we realize that sometimes it's hard to figure out how to actually do it your way, and own it. This isn't a new problem, and you aren't the only one feeling this way. So, we're giving you the permission to do it your own way.


Episode 68: The REAL way to find your ride-or-die online besties: thoughts + truths from the 2nd Happy Thoughts™ Retreat

We recently hosted our second Happy Thoughts™ Retreat and we are still BEAMING. Through the laughs, bubbly and Drake, we had so much fun. So, we decided to share the happy (and not so happy) thoughts on what went down during that retreat. We're talking biz besties, HUGE transformations and how to show up for yourself (and others) in a deeper way.


Episode 67: Permission to Be Private: How we navigate authenticity in the world of social media and oversharing

We know that there's pressure to be vulnerable online, but some things are better left unsaid. We love being authentic but that doesn't mean everything that is going on has to be shared. In fact, sharing everything sometimes feels LESS authentic. So, we're giving you permission to be private and vulnerable, at the same time!


Episode 66: How to Create Momentum (+ Results) After a Break

Getting back into the swing of things this year has been harder than we thought it would be. After the holidays, jumping back into the online space can feel noisy, overwhelming, and frankly just tiring. It’s time to CRUSH 2019, and feel nice and happy doing it. HOORAY!


Episode 65: Managing Triggers Like a Mofo

The holidays are filled with so much love and joy but we get that it's not all unicorns and rainbows. We get that sometimes, the holidays can be triggering AF.  With this time of year quickly approaching, we wanted to take the time to talk about what triggers us the most and, more importantly, we shared how we manage those triggers so that we can enjoy more of the happy.


Episode 64: The good, the bad, and the ugly of our 2018s (and how to steal our process for reviewing your own!)

With the new year right around the corner, we wanted to take the time to reflect on everything that 2018 has given us. We believe DEEPLY in the happy and not so happy thoughts and we took stock of both so we can move into 2019 with more understanding, perspective and intention is level 22 HUGE for us and will think it’ll be huge for you too.


Episode 63: words of the year are what's up (i.e. how to pick your 2019 words, and a review of our previous words and how impactful they've been)

Over the years, our words of the year have provided us with so much guidance and have lead to big things, and we want to share that with you! We know the process of trying on words can be as hard as getting on a brand new pair of Lululemon yoga pants and that's why we want to share how we go about finding our perfect words.


Episode 62: How Gratitude Gives You EVERYTHING (and how we use it 24/7/365)

We LOVE gratitude and we LOVE that this time of year encourages us to share our gratitude loud and proud. But let's be real, you don't need a calendar to tell you when you can say "thanks." What happens when you practice gratitude every day? Your life and business will change DRAMATICALLY. It's crazy how something that sounds so simple can be such huge game changers.


Episode 61: COMPARISONITIS 2.0

Comparisonitis is a real bitch. And we seeing it impact so many AMAZING women every day. We’ve talked about Comparisonitis on this show before, but we’re not shutting up because this thing needs to be ERADICATED. The more we talk about it the more we can do to nip it in the bud.


Episode 60: Sisters, Permission, and Being Your Best Self: Thoughts from the Happy Thoughts™ Retreat

This past weekend we had the first ever Happy Thoughts™ retreat and it was nothing short of EPIC and we cannot wait to talk to y'all about it. So, we did things a little bit differently this week. We didn't sit down and plan this episode like we usually do. Instead we just brain dumped all things Happy Thoughts™.


Episode 59: Flowing vs. Creating (what to do and when)

We've been talking about creating and flowing A LOT recently, so we figured,there’s no better place to be in inquiry than with all of you #amiright? We want to talk with you about knowing when to create intentionally and when to go with the flow. So manifesting with intention, having a process, and creating what we want? We love that shiz. Heck, we have an entire program on that. And it works,y'all.


Episode 58: Self-improvement WITHOUT Self-hate

Wanting to grow without feeling like where you are now isn't good enough is an interesting balance. Being nice to yourself, especially when you're growing/shifting/evolving can be such a hard thing to do and yet it is so dang important.


Episode 57: The Inner AND Outer Work of Thriving

Do you know what you need to thrive, and not just survive? Over the last few years we’ve learned that there is a HUGE difference between surviving and thriving. We’ve also noticed it’s something we don’t think about or ask ourselves nearly enough. But the truth is, if you want BIG results in life and business, you gotta be thriving.  


Episode 56: Why Regrets Keep You Stuck and How To Leave ‘Em at the Door

Regret is such a big, loaded word and while it's something most people can say they've experienced we actually have a different take on it. We feel, if you reframe what happened (and stop making yourself wrong) you can actually view regret not as this awful, heavy, sticky situation but as a teacher, a lesson and a guide. And that feels better, yes? YESSSSS!


Episode 55: BFFs on BFFs: How to Find, Make and Keep REAL Friendships

People ask us all the time how we’ve been able to create the lasting, deep friendship that we have. And the friendship we have today didn't happen by chance. Like any good relationship, it happened because we put in the work, made it a priority, and stretched our comfort zones when it came to vulnerability.


Episode 54: how to get EXACTLY what you want

Did you know that getting what you want is actually pretty simple? The problem is, do you know what it is that you actually want? We often start moving towards what we want before we know what that thing is, which makes it a lot harder to reach that end goal. The good news is, we've been there too and we know that the fastest way to get what you want is to be clear on what it is you want.


Episode 53: The Money Episode

It’s all about the money, honey. Or is it? We get it, money is an amazing tool but we hear again and again that it's not the easiest to make. The thing is, what we’ve figured out as we’ve made more money in our businesses and found it easier and easier to call in is that money is ALWAYS responding to our energy, our beliefs, and our actions.


Episode 52: How to Stay Focused like a Boss

Shiny object syndrome and squirrelitis are REAL, y'all. But we also know a thing or two about setting and reaching big goals and are sharing our tips, tricks and observations with you this week.


Episode 51: Are You Willing to Do What Others Aren't? Important thoughts on life, business, and the RBG Documentary

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a total boss. How? Because she was willing to continuously show up and do the things other people weren't. In this episode, we share our takeaways from Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s documentary and how to they translate into our business and lives.


Episode 50: nobody puts baby in the corner

We love quoting "Nobody puts baby in a corner,” but do we really know what it means and act on it? Truth be told, while we're big cheerleaders for other women often times we forget to show up with sparkle pom-poms for ourselves. So this week, we're talking all about how to get out of the corner so that you can start winning again.


Episode 49: Why having your shit together won't get you results

We know a lot of you are waiting to launch your next big thing/start the business/find the life partner/lose the weight until have it all together. But here's the truth. Waiting for things to be perfect doesn't make them happen. Ever. That's why it's so massively important to push forward, ESPECIALLY when you don't have your shit together.


Episode 48: The Manifesting Episode

We dive real deep into ALL things manifesting. We truly believe that the universe is magic and most importantly, you are magic. But you've gotta know how to harness that magic to use it to your advantage.


Episode 47: Real Things That Happy People Do Differently (like listening to Drake)

You know those annoyingly happy people? Those people who can't possibly be as happy as they seem? The truth is, they are that happy, not because of luck, but because they are doing things differently.


Episode 46: Why we think it's bullshit that you have to leave your partner to get what you want (and what to do instead).

We've noticed that there's been a lot of talk in the online space about having to leave your partner to have a successful business and we think that is bullshit. Lucky for you, this episode is real interesting because one of actually DID leave her partner in the middle of growing her biz and one of us has been with her husband since 16!


Episode 45: Newsflash: You’re the Magic Pill

We're programmed to believe that there's a "Magic Pill' for everything. The tricky thing is, there is no easy button or quick fix for everything you want in life. This episode, in we're talking about how the secret to all that you want, is YOU!


Episode 44: Truth time: What’s working + not working in our lives + businesses (and how we plan to make the stuff that isn’t working actually work)

We feel like we share a lot of the past, and not always a lot of the present. That's why we share all of the things we've got going on right now.


Episode 43: Getting what you want is simple. Getting out of your own way is hard. Thoughts, lessons and life.

We all have things that we want, both in business and in life. The truth is, getting those things is pretty easy. The hard part? Getting out of your own damn way. This week we're talking about how to make things simpler so we can all get what we want sooner.


Episode 42: The truth about all the sh*t you know you should be doing but aren't…

Sometimes, it's hard to do the things we know we should be doing, and trust us, we get this. This week we’re talk all things simple and mindset, and most importantly, how to create consistent and manageable habits.


Episode 41: How Leaning into Fear will Actually Make You Bank

That voice in the back of your head whispering you can't. That limiting power that keeps you from moving forward in biz + life. Yaaas, girl. We're talking about that bitch, fear, and more importantly, how to kick it’s ass.


EPISODE 40: We're feeling ALL the feels about Kate Spade. And we want to talk about it. And mental health. And "having it all".

We couldn't (and wouldn't) fake it by continuing on with our pre-planned show when we heard of Kate Spade's reported suicide. We both have experienced anxiety and depression and know that to normalize mental health, we need to talk about mental health. So this week, we’re talking about it.


Episode 39: Thoughts + Advice on Being the Partner of a Boss Babe (and getting your partner on board)

We know that it’s hard work being a Boss Babe, but it’s even harder when your partner doesn't get what you do during your day. This week, we’re sitting down with Sara’s hubby, Ben and getting his thoughts about the entrepreneur life.


Episode 38: I got 99 Problems...

Juggling life and biz isn't always sunshine and roses. This week we’re talking all about our problems but, more importantly, how to upgrade them into something exciting.


Episode 37: #Truelife: I’m NOT a Pinterest Mom

We all have those friends that always have their sh*t together. But, it’s okay! Some of us just aren’t Pinterest moms or Pinterest Business Women, and were proud of that!


Episode 36: The Deep Desire to Wait Until It’s s Perfect {real talk + real tips on overcoming it}

We all want things to be perfect, but we also know that perfection can be really hard to find. This week we talked about how to deal with that need for perfection and how to get sh*t done, even when the timing isn’t perfect.


Episode 35: Ask Us Anything {seriously, anything}

We're all about speaking our truths in every aspect of our lives and in this episode, we answered all of your questions. We talk all truths, from business, life, beauty and being besties.


episode 34: The Real Deal on Presence as a Busy Mom + Business Owner

We talk about the difference between presence of mind and the presence of body. We also spill a not-so-nice truth bomb: if you don't take 5 minutes every day to check in, you might be doing something wrong with your business.

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Episode 33: Embracing, Loving and Monetizing Your Weirdness

If you’re not weird, you’re full of shit. This week, we talk all about owning up to your weirdness and how to use it as your unique selling point. Own what makes you weird!  

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Episode 32: How to ask for the support you need...and actually get it!

Life is hard and crazy and fun and amazing but sometimes we all need a little help. This week’s episode is all about getting the support you need and how to ask for it! (+ A Happy Thoughts™ Show Retreat!)

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Episode 31: What to do When Life Gets Cray (+ How to Create Results Anyway)!

We understand that life gets crazy af sometimes but, we also know that is crazy important to work through it in order to find the results you want. It’s all about re-prioritizing and letting go of that need for perfection!


Episode 30: You Do You, Boo: How to show up as your authentic self

Lacey and Sara talk about how to be the real you in all and life. I mean, authenticity is the new marketing buzzword for a reason, right?

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Episode 29: Friends, Waffles, Work

We get it, when you’re a busy boss babe, it’s hard to balance all of your priorities but this week were talking about how to make time for the important things in life, even when life gets crazy.

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Episode 28: How to Make Fear Your B*tch!

Everyone gets nervous but this week, we’re talking about how to work through these fears and use them as a guide. (+ A Happy Thoughts™ Podcast Club?!?!)

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episode 27: Permission to Change Your Truth

This week, we talk all about our business evolution. People and goals change and grow, and it is more than okay that changes in your business are allowed to reflect that.


episode 26: Expectations vs. Reality: How to be Happy WHILE you work for what you want!

Lacey and Sara talk about the difference between our vision and real life, and how to make peace (and even friends) with what’s really going on. (Also, here comes the Happy Thoughts™ Community)

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Episode 25: Empowered Women, Empower Women

It takes a strong women to know a strong women, which means that this week were talking all things girl power!

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Episode 24: When OK is Not OK

This week we’re letting go of the “fines” and not accepting “okay” anymore. It’s not about faking it ‘till you make it anymore, let’s let the real positivity flow!

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Episode 23: What to Do When You Find Your Edge

In our first ever private episode, we open up about all the hard things in life. This week, we’re sharing our deep fears and hardships but we’re also talking about how we were able to recover after the bad.


Episode 22: Happy Tears + Happier Thoughts

We get real in this episode y’all. We talk all this happy, from happy thoughts to happy tears, and how the lowest of lows lead up to the sweetest of highs.

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Episode 21: Stretching Beyond Control...even when it’s a b*tch with Amy Walsh

Lacey and special guest, Amy Walsh, dive deep outside of the comfort zones and talk about the real point of perfection.

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Episode 20: How to use Intentions to make 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

This week talking intentions and molds and how to work through them without being confined to them (+ we finally reveal our 2018 words).

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Episode 19: 2017: Recap, Results and Reflections

This week, we reflect on our 2017. We also talk about changing our “have to do’s” into “get to do’s” in 2018!


Episode 18: Relationships + Results: How to leverage the art of building relationships to build your business

Lacey and guest, Lacey McLaughlin, discuss all the good that can come from saying “yes!” We also talk biz relationships and y’’s just like dating.  

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Episode 17: Intentions vs. Expectations - know the difference. create more success

This week, we cover the differences between intentions and expectations and how to use them to bring your biz to the next level.

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Episode 16: Words of The Year: what they did for us + what they can do for you

Lacey and Sara talk about their words for 2017 and how those words guided them through the year. They also reveal their words for 2018!

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Episode 15: The Life-Changing Magic of Gratitude

This week, we talk about how much showing gratitude has changed our biz attitude for the better (and how simple it is to be grateful)!


Episode 14: How to Get Consistent to Get Real Results

Lacey and Sara talk about how hard consistency can be but also how rewarding it can be for you and your business.

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Episode 13: How Beliefs Will Build (+ Blow Up) Your Business and Life

We talked about how our beliefs are a platform for success and how putting blinders on for the bullshit keeps us on track. We also discuss how important it is to find your biz bestie to keep your beliefs in order and your progress on track.

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Episode 12: Stop Doing Shit You Hate

In this episode, we talked about how to be discerning between what you actually hate doing, what is boring and what has to get done to keep your business workin'.

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Episode 11: Pain, Failure + Love

We’re still talking Love Warrior but even if you hadn’t read the book, you’ll find the topics discussed relevant. We are diving deep into sharing, unconditional work and truly loving what you’re doing.


Episode 10: Love Warrior Book Club + ALL THE VULNERABILITY

It’s book club week!! We talk vulnerability, society, truth and how it’s totally normal to not be happy all the time.

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Episode 9: How to Believe in Your Message So Much You Can’t Help but Take Action

Sara and special guest, Katrina Sumilang, share how simple passion can lead to MAJOR good things for your biz.

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Episode 8: COMPARISONITIS and how to let it propel you in biz (after you’ve had a good ugly cry, of course)

This week, we’re talking about all the goods and bads that come with comparisons. We also share that it’s more than okay to not have it all together.


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Episode 7: The Secret to Upleveling

We understand that taking your business (+ life) to the next level can be hard sometimes, so we wanted to share our secrets on how to uplevel all aspects of your life.


Episode 6: Managing Triggers for Mo’ Money

In Episode 6, we talk all things triggers and how to manage the things that stress us the F out. We also talk Book Club details!


Episode 5: Sara's Story 

Sara tells all...from her growth in her career to a bad-ass business momma. We learn all the inside tricks on what it takes to conquer it all!


Episode 4: Lacey’s Low Down

Lacey shares how her and Sara met + all things Lit Up! We also talk about how sticking together can sometimes be all you need.


Episode 3: Manifesting like a MOFO

We talk about getting the things you want and the things you NEED out of your biz.


Episode 2: When Biz and Life are Shitty + Amazing at the Same Time…+ How We Lead with Amazing

We talk about the amazing and shitty things going on in our lives and business and how to manage them to lead with AMAZING. And also, how we give yourself permission to feel all the things.



Lacey got vulnerable, Sara drank a TALL glass of champagne and we learned all about nervous sweats, canned champs and how to not let business + life collapse when faced with some serious shit.